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Belden Inc. 9366 0601000

9366 0601000

Manufacturer: Belden Inc.
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Jacket (Insulation) Thickness 0.0420" (1.067mm)
Ratings UL Style 2464
Operating Temperature -30°C ~ 105°C
Features Drain Wire, Rip Cord
Jacket (Insulation) Diameter 0.303" (7.70mm)
Cable Type Multi-Conductor
Shield Type Foil
Jacket Color Chrome
Conductor Strand 19/29
Length 1000.0' (304.8m)
Voltage 300V
Number of Conductors 3 (1 Triad)
Usage Instrumentation
Conductor Material Copper, Tinned
Wire Gauge 16 AWG
Jacket (Insulation) Material Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

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